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Performing since ‘94, All Entertainment Inc. recording artist Annagail has a passion to take their music abroad.  Criss-crossing the U.S, Europe and then to South Africa is evidence of that.

They’ve always defied and stretched genres, but their new EP, produced by Nashville hit-maker Keith Follese’ (Emerson Drive, Everfound, Faith Hill) is a glimpse into the influences of their songs. It perfectly captures the dynamics they’re known for.  Electronic flourishes meet undeniable organic hooks. 7 albums deep and featured on numerous compilations, had their music in the feature film ‘Decision’ starring CCM star Natalie Grant and country singer, Billy Dean, they’ve become an established act opening for Plumb, Pillar, Bleach, Superhero, Jason Ingram, Satellite Soul, The Appleseed Cast and many others. Fronted by husband and wife Jared and Jennifer Adams, Annagail is that rare band of equal parts singer/songwriter and rock band that can comfortably hold their own with heavy hitters or in an intimate setting leading worship. Somehow, they make sense in all extremes.  A blend of courage and frailty are embraced, and they’re proud of both.

Playing colleges, coffeehouses, clubs, festivals and theaters, they’ve honed their craft. Waterdeep’s Don Chaffer produced ‘Linger In Bloom’ and also the previous ‘Slightly Certain,’ which featured Lori Chaffer on ‘The Enemy and the Avenger.’
“To any radio, play it, promoter, book them, and record label, sign them. This is the real deal,” raved Levi Perkins of ‘Crossroads Radio.’

The Adams’ are no strangers to the music industry. Performing with Jennifer Knapp, Big Tent Revival, FFH, Audio Adrenaline and many others.  Check out the fantastic VBS videos their daughter, Faith, did with dear friends Audio Adrenaline’s Hand and Feet Project orphanage. With a true and honest passion for people and music their goal reaches far beyond just playing the next gig.

An intense season of life a few years ago, led them, career artists mind you, to lay music down completely.  It’s hard to fathom with over a decade career behind them. Prolific writers and performers, they painfully eased into contentment to never play another note unless a divine hand brought the seed back to life.  It came back indeed through no effort of their own.  The signs were too miraculous not to follow.  It’s a story worth asking them to tell…  Much of it revealed in the quintessential Annagail song ‘If All I Had.’  It’s lyrics framing the journey of restoration and renewal.  One only understood after coming face to face with surrendering the very passion of your heart, trusting a higher power knows what’s best for you.  Ironic that a song birthed from that grieving, longing for an encounter with the divine got Nashville calling.  Brad Allen, owner of ALL Entertainment and COO of Midas Music along with Follese’ was quick to connect with Annagail.  Over the last 20 years, Allen has been involved with many artists including Faith
Hill, Lady Antebellum, Rush Of Fools, Plumb, Tim McGraw, Martina McBride and a slew of others.  He attributes an office full of awards, Platinum Records, Grammy nominations and # 1 singles to the ability to identify a “hit” song when it comes along.  For him, the typical “industry” avenues were unnecessary as soon as he heard Annagail’s music.  “I was first introduced to Annagail through their music and initially felt they had a potential hit on their hands with their song “If All I Had.  This led to a meeting in which I felt a strong personal connection with their story and hearts.  So it was a very natural progression to invite them to be a part of the newly formed ALL Entertainment to help them deliver their music and message to the masses through all media,’’ said Allen. “I have devoted my career to helping artists and songwriters turn their ideas into hits.”

Yearning to see freedom brought to weary lives, Annagail desires to create an evening full of moments where, through the simple interaction of voices and ears, lives can be changed. Music, can’t be touched, but can touch. Whether the Adams’ front it alone or with a full band in tow, any venue any time – this group is worth the trip. Big stage or dirt floor, you’re guaranteed an experience that’s authentic.

“We love playing live, but there is so much more to music than singing and playing,” says Adams. “It builds a foundation to every new relationship and it gaps the bridges between them.” One concert attendee said, “They put their heart and soul into every song, I really appreciate that.” From the feed back, so do a lot of others.

-Derek Emerson Hope College Arts Coordinator // Holland MI

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