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This EPK video is a striking glimpse into the hearts of Jared and Jennifer Adams, the duo behind Annagail. They’re that rare band of equal parts singer/songwriter and rock band that can comfortably hold their own with heavy hitters or in an intimate setting… Somehow, they make sense in all extremes. A blend of courage and frailty are embraced, and they’re proud of both.” -Derek Emerson, Hope College Arts Coordinator // Holland MI

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One of our lovely daughters, (and namesake of the band) Faith Annagail, has added “voice-over talent” to her resume.   She does the voice overs for our friends video at the Hands And Feet Project orphanage who do some amazing work in and around Jacmel Haiti. Check it out below!

Hands and Feet Project Videos 

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One Sheet: Annagail_One_Sheet_2014

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