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“Linger In Bloom” is aptly named. From the first track to the last, Annagail carries you on a musical journey filled with reflection, raw honesty, surrender, admiration, struggle and celebration-all places

We “linger in bloom” as children of God trying to be more like Him. Make no mistake, this is a rock album. It is creatively flavored with fresh lyrics and unique instrumentation. Some songs creatively infuse the mandolin and harmonica while others are tempered with a bit of modern day folk. My favorite attribute of Annagail is the bands ability to shine with different musical sounds and styles. Jennifer and Jared share lead vocals which puts the band in a class where few are blessed to be. Yes, its a rock album with mass appeal. Annagail’s gifted songwriting and their ability to “mix it up” is shown from the contemplative “Close Your Eyes” to the fun, uplifting “Song That Never Ends.” …this is a great record for everyone.

-Jeff Geisel

Music Buyer Baker Book House

For those who have followed Annagail through their days as ‘Route 3’ to the present, Linger In Bloom is the culmination of a period of hard work and dedication to an idea. As the husband/wife duo of Jared and Jennifer Adams have gone through relocation, various band members, and the birth of their first child, they have morphed into more introspective songwriters and a more cohesive musical unit. Their songs celebrate faith, the overcoming of trials, and their love for each other in a way that displays a deep understanding of life and living through it. While the album maintains many of the Americana/Folk and Rock influences, it introduces a touch more of a pop element and more of an emphasis on Jennifer’s vocals and male/female vocal harmonies, allowing the album a bit more of an edge and accessibility in today’s market. That, along with solid musicianship and a commitment to sincere songwriting, is what will move them ahead of their peers.
-Matthew Scott
Owner Lemonjello’s (coffeehouse & venue) Holland, MI

In sophisticated garage band style, modern rock group Annagail delivers no nonsense lyrics, dynamic vocals, and edgy experimental sounds on a project produced by Waterdeep’s Don Chaffer, which includes vocal input from both himself and his wife Lori. -Grassroots Music Distribution

I’d like to introduce you to, and encourage you to check out the music of a very original acoustic/folk rock based group from Michigan. Annagail is a group gifted both in the craft of songwriting and music.

Annagail’s albums and live performances have definitely made quite an impression on us here at High Plains Public Radio and also at our Living Room Concert Series. Their music reminds me of an equivalent to Indigo Girls. Their music is a great mix of acoustic based songs that incorporate interesting melodies with strong vocals and harmonies. Live, they unleash dynamic musicianship with engaging vocals and harmonies.

From folk-like ballads such as “The Enemy and the Avenger” to energetic rock pieces like “Close Your Eyes” and “Beautiful Irony,” Annagail has produced a sound that is original, genuine and has great appeal. I have no doubt that you will enjoy them.


Lynn Boitano // Program Director

…They have captured the ears and minds of thousands throughout America. One of those people was myself, Levi Perkins, host of Cross- roads on 107.9 FM KZLS. Many bands have the beat or the image, but are missing the depth and meaning behind their music. They have found the meaning of music, the ability to tell you what only your mind can visualize. Annagail says what many of us want to say about life but fear the rejection of saying it.
Slightly Certain, their latest release and title song, deals with the ability to tell the truth and the journey we go on to find it. The first line of Slightly Certain tells the story of society “There’s a certain burden with telling the truth especially if others are listening.” No one but singer/ songwriters the Adams and producer/frontman for Waterdeep, Don Chaffer, combine hard hitting lyrics and the chords that make this release smashing. Slightly Certain lays down track after track of solid music you will definitely come back to. The bands ability to be diverse with each song is a true sign of their ability as artists. They blend sounds of Rock, Folk, AC, into a masterpiece of music. The Adams duo has written soulful ballads time and again and continues to improve with each and every album.
Each DJ has their own special set of songs they hold fast. My personal top four picks are the title track Slightly Certain, The Enemy and the Avenger, The Final Say, and Mystery at Boiling.
To any radio programmers play it, to any concert promoter book them, and to any music label, sign them now. This is the real deal. Annagail has everything and their journey to the top has only begun. From the dust of the Kansas plains rises another music legacy. For the fans sit back, relax, and enjoy.
-Levi Perkins
Cross Roads/107.9 fm KZLS

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Annagail is on its way to making its own little niche. Some of the songs begin with strange electronic sounds and se-quences, reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti, always resolving into a deep and soulful acoustic set. …A well crafted album. The songs are ballads and combined with the great acoustic guitars, you know that Annagails’s Renaissance Recital does pretty well with me. The songs and arrangements are interesting and creative. With the use of keyboards and narrative insights it’s not exactly what you have heard before. Alot of Annagail reminds me of the Indigo Girls as far as style and soulful lyrics. Special attention given to Pretty Alone, 4 Reel, and Second Call. Give it a Spin.

-Jonothan Itchon

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Ultimate Vision Ministries

Annagail’s Slightly Certain offers a refreshing blend of modern rock and impressive acoustics. The production on this project is noteworthy and was produced by Waterdeep’s Don Chaffer. Lori Chaffer even makes a vocal appearance on this release. Their songwriting is soul searching and painfully honest about living in the world of today. Songs I have selected for airplay are: “Slightly Certain,” “Pretty Alone,” and “The Final Say.” Songs that further caught my attention were: “TV Sin,” “Once Removed,” and “Coward’s Last Wish.” I highly recommend this artist’s work. Please visit them on the web at

-Jenny Suhs Soldan

Director of National Independent Music

Ultimate Vision Ministries

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With a blend of folk and rock this group weaves it’s way through a musical experience sure to please. Showcasing the songwriting talents and harmonies, this melody filled album, The Folks, presents candy to the mind. A lemon backdrop of acoustic fruit flavorings and haunting lyrics that address issues concerning today’s often discouraging society.

-Paul Burtner

Big Round Records