Reverential Eulogies or Fancy Schmancy Feedback

“Creative style and lyrics…always resolving into a deep and soulful acoustic set.”
-Jonathan Itchon, Online Music Review

“Annagail are great singers with a great sense of melody and a desire to touch the souls of those they play for. I respect them as musicians and writers and I am blessed to call them my friends.”
-Mitch McVicker,

“Annagail is a band comprised of independent talents that have merged folk with modern. There is nothing stale here. It is all alive. From harmonies that hold their own melodies, to guitar riffs that dance across frets, while maintaining open arms to welcome each listener to find meaning and a temporary shelter in their songs. Their passion for life, love and music, is the peaceful conductor of all they do.” Valerie Smith 90.5fm KZNA

“Annagail has found the meaning of music. The ability to tell you what only your mind can visualize and then taking it a step further, they say what many of us want to about life but fear the rejection of saying it.”
-Levi Perkins ‘Crossroads’ 107.9fm KZLS

“Original and compelling, Annagail gives you something to relate to and leaves you wanting more. A definite must-have.”

-Kristi Hahn ‘Silver Rails’ 90.5fm KZNA

“They have such potential. This will take them way beyond the boundaries of Kansas.”
-Darren Tyler, Kutless, Stellar Kart and Disciple’s Manager, Platform Management

“With a blend of Folk and Rock this group weaves its way through a musical experience sure to please. Candy to the mind.”
-Paul Burtner, CEO Big Round Records